Hello people

our class did this project on data analysis so hear are our results.

1. our inquiry question:

how many times can you wright November in one minute.

2. Equipment;

a timer, computer, keyboarder and a chart to record the data.

3. Control Standards:

It has to be spelled concretely, capital, space between them and you can’t copy and past.

4. Predictions:

I think that the most someone will right November is 12 times.

5. procedure:

someone times you when you wight November in word docs you have to spell the hole word.

6. our data:


Rang 34-1=33  times

Mode 13  times

Median (11+12=23)23÷2=11.5  times

Mean 214÷16=13.3  times

7. Analysis of Data:

there are on outliers

the Mean is the most appropriate way to find your result`s

what I found out about my class is that they type November really fast also the principal and the secretary type faster then the hole class.

so that is what my gorp did for Data Analysis hope you like it  you should go and check out my team mates tyler  lyric  Hudson

proofread by lyric and Hudson