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Hey, We're Evacuating!

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When I was little I had a dog named Bailey. Bailey was a golden retriever. I loved Bailey because she was a good dog ย and she listened. When I was little, Bailey helped me walk. Christmas of 2012 Bailey passed away. I was so sad. ๐Ÿ™ It was the worst Christmas present ever.

Now I have a five year old cat named Smudge .He is really cuddly I do not know what breed of cat he is so I just call him a farm cat. I love him so much. Smudge has 5 colors: black, white, brown, grey and a little bit of orange. Smudge is still alive today but he is getting really old.

My dad does not really like dogs but he said that next year we might ย be getting a puppy from the SPCA. I would really like a cocker spaniel crossed with anything else. I would just really like a cocker spaniel.

What kind of dog do you want and if you have a dog what kind of dog is it?

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